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Here are some great relationship-problems-tips to help you solve your relationship issues!
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Relationship problems can really make your life less enjoyable to down right miserable.
It also impacts other people and areas of your life. Either way, you don’t have to live with relationship-problems or issues any longer.

Happiness and joy are yours if you decide that is what you want.
Love, appreciation and a warm healthy relationship can be yours!
The great relationship-problems-tips on this site will help you solve your issue now.
Or at least clear it up.
Know where you stand using these relationship-problems-tips. . .

It takes real life experience to understand relationship problems well and be able to solve them.
How to bring a relationship to a higher level.
Any relationship.
These relationship problems tips will help you with this!
Let’s look closer at what relationship problems are.

What are relationship problems ?

When people are closely relating to other people, issues may occur.
It is part of life
These issues in various degrees of severity may be called a “relationship problem ”.
However, what may be a relationship problem for me might not be a relationship problem for you.
It then becomes a matter of labeling the issue at hand.

But there are some common traits which reveal that a relationship is having REAL problems.

• You don’t feel good about the other and the relationship

• You don’t communicate well enough with the other

• You don’t feel enough commitment towards the other

• Mutual respect could be better

• Mutual understanding could be better

Find out more where you stand with your relationship problems and get relationship-problems-tips. . .
Do the Relationship Problems Quiz and get more clarity!

Relationship Problems Quiz
Where do you stand in the relationship you are focusing on?
This Relationship Problems Quiz will show you quickly.

This quiz was designed as a very general and generic quiz yet is it very powerful and effective in showing you in what shape your relationship is at this point.
You can apply this quiz to your relationships with your parents, mother, father, or spouse, husband, wife or children, daughters, sons or other family members. Also on your friends, colleagues (workplace related), neighbors, acquaintances, or ex-husband or ex-wife.

Answering the questions honestly and quickly without thinking too long and deep about your answers, is best. There are of course no wrong nor right answers. The right answer is the one which now feels most true to you.
You do not have to share the results with anybody.

Answering the questions honestly and quickly will give you a clear snapshot of the relationship.
You will know where you stand quickly with these relationship-problems-tips & quiz!

Relationship Problems Quiz - Instructions

• To start: focus on the person and relationship you want to work on for a minute
• Next: answer the following 20 questions with a “YES” or a “NO”
• You may want to write down how many times you answer “YES” or a “NO” in Part A
• And how many times you answer “YES” or a “NO” in Part B
• Count the total number of “YESes” and “NOs” for Part A
• Also count the total number of “YESes” and “NOs” for Part B
• Keep total numbers for Part A and for Part B separate
• To finish, read the Relationship Quiz Scoring & Results and you get a clear indication where you stand!

• Relationship-Problems-Tips:
You can redo this Relationship Problems Quiz focusing on another person and relationship!

Relationship Problems Quiz - Part A

 Thinking of the person you have a relationship with, do you feel good?  Yes  No
  Thinking of the relationship at hand, do you feel happy and light?  Yes  No
  Do you feel respected enough in this relationship?  Yes  No
  Do you feel you have enough understanding of this person?  Yes  No
  Do you feel the person has enough understanding of you?  Yes  No
  Do you feel communication is adequate in this relationship?  Yes  No
  Do you feel commitment is strong enough in this relationship?  Yes  No
  Do you feel warm affection thinking about this relationship?  Yes  No
  Do you see this relationship moving forward?  Yes  No
  Thinking of the person you are relating to, do you feel there is adequate trust?  Yes  No

Relationship Problems Quiz - Part B

  Do you have strong opinions or judgments about the person you are relating to?  Yes  No
  Do you have strong opinions about the issue at hand?  Yes  No
  Do you disagree with the other without being able to resolve this disagreement?  Yes  No
  Do you feel stuck in this relationship?  Yes  No
  Do you feel hurt when thinking of the relationship?  Yes  No
  Do you feel irritation when thinking of the relationship?  Yes  No
  Do you feel angry or frustrated when thinking of the relationship?  Yes  No
  Do you feel uncomfortable thinking about this relationship?  Yes  No
  Do you feel nothing or numbness when thinking about this relationship?  Yes  No
  Do you want to get away from this relationship?  Yes  No

Relationship Problems Quiz - Scoring & Results

Relationship Problems Quiz - Scoring

For the Part A questions, each time you answered “YES” give yourself 1 point. Each time you answered “NO” is zero points. Add up all Part A scores.

For the Part B questions, each time you answered “YES” is zero points. Each time you answered “NO” give yourself 1 point. Add up all Part B scores.

Final Score
The final score is the total number of points for both parts Part A and Part B of the Relationship Problems Quiz. Add both the Part A and the Part B scores together to get your final score. Find the explanation for your final score in the next paragraph below. You will know where you stand quickly!

Relationship Problems Quiz - Results

Your final score is 0 to 5 points:
A relationship problem - Essentials are lacking

This final score is a poor result, indicating that the relationship at this moment is poor in trust, respect or affection. You may have strong opinions or judgments towards the other person or the relationship, hindering communication or commitment.
You may have hard feelings or stopped feeling all together when focusing on this relationship.

This result may just confirm what you already somehow know deep inside: relationship problems are going on!
Or this result may come as a complete surprise to you….

Either way, this result indicates that some essential work is needed to get this relationship moving forward positively.

For now, appreciate your courage to face the true state this relationship is in.

• Relationship-Problems-Tips:
If you decide you want to improve this relationship, give yourself permission to ask for help. Appreciate your courage to look at this relationship.
Think this over:
Can you allow some hope that this relationship can improve?

Your final score is 6 to 10 points:
A lot happened, but some good feeling is still there….

The relationship you are focusing on is not in a good shape at this moment. The basics of the relationship, trust, affection, respect, communication are lacking.
A lot of things may have happened, but some positive or warm feeling may still be present.
You may want to hang on to these positive feelings and from there start taking steps to improve this relationship.

• Relationship-Problems-Tips:
You decide if you want to improve this relationship and work on it! You can ask for help to get to a more trusting, respecting and affectionate state of this relationship.
Think this over:
Do you believe you can work things out to improve this relationship to a higher level?

Your final score is 11 to 15 points:
Good, let’s bring this relationship to an even higher level!

You have made a good score in this Relationship Quiz! There are some points in this relationship that could be better, but a good and strong basis is present in this relationship.
Certain areas can be improved to make this relationship really fly!

• Relationship-Problems-Tips:
Let’s bring this relationship to a higher level, your experience of the relationship will heighten!
Think this over:
What can you do to bring this relationship to a higher level?

Your final score is 16 to 20 points:
What a wonderful relationship!

You have a high or a maximum score in this Relationship Quiz. This indicates you have a wonderful relationship with the person you are focusing on. There is enough affection, (call it love!) respect, commitment, communication and no hard feelings.
This relationship will surely be strong enough to withstand a lot of challenges!

• Relationship-Problems-Tips:
You may want to tweak the relationship here and there to make it even more beautiful! For now, appreciate having a wonderful relationship.
Express it!
Celebrate it!
Share the joy, affection and love with others! Let it shine through in all your other relationships.

And ... give others some great relationship-problems-tips!

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