Why do this this Mother-Daughter-Relationships-Quiz? To find out how serious your mother-daughter-relationships-problems are....
This Quiz lets you know quickly.

Our Relationship Problems Tips help you address your mother-daughter-relationships issues.

No matter how serious mother-daughter-relationships problems seem, there is always a way to grow to another level of affection and love!
This mother-daughter-relationships-quiz is only a snap shot of your dynamic mother-daughter-relationship.

Introduction to the Mother-Daughter-Relationships-Quiz

This quiz was designed as a relationship problems quiz specific for mother-daughter-relationships problems.
It is very powerful and effective in showing you in what shape your mother-daughter relationship is at this point.

It is best to answer the questions honestly and quickly without thinking too long and deep about your answers.
Do not think about what would be socially accepted answers, or how the quiz was designed.
This quiz was made to simply let you find out fast where you stand.

There are of course no wrong nor right answers.
The right answer is the one which now feels most true to you.

You do not have to share the results with anybody.

And remember, no matter how serious the results of this mother-daughter-relationships-quiz seem, there are many ways to grow and improve your mother-daughter-relationship!

Answering the questions honestly and quickly will give you a clear snapshot of your mother-daughter-relationship.
You will know where you stand quickly!

Mother-Daughter Relationships-Quiz Instructions

• To start: focus on the relationship with your mother for a minute
• Next: answer the following 20 questions with a “YES” or a “NO”

• You may want to write down how many times you answer “YES” or a “NO” in Part A

• And how many times you answer “YES” or a “NO” in Part B

• Count the total number of “YESes” and “NOs” for Part A

• Also count the total number of “YESes” and “NOs” for Part B

• Keep total numbers for Part A and for Part B separate

• To finish, read the Relationship Problems Quiz Scoring & Results and you get a clear indication where you stand with your mother!

• Mother-Daughter Relationship Problems Tip:
You can redo this Mother-Daughter-Relationships-Quiz focusing on another female caretaker who was or is significant in your life.

Mother-Daughter-Relationships-Quiz - Part A

 Do you feel your mother respects you enough in your mother-daughter relationship?  Yes  No
 Do you feel your mother shows enough understanding of you?  Yes  No
 Do you feel communication between you and your mother has been or is adequate?  Yes  No
 Does your bond with your mother satisfy your need for connecting with your mother?  Yes  No
 Do you feel warm affection thinking your mother?  Yes  No
 When you were growing up, has your mother been there for you in most cases?  Yes  No
 When you were growing up, has your mother been keeping (most) of her promises to you or ‘walked her talk’ concerning you?  Yes  No
 When you were growing up, has your mother’s care for you been good for you?  Yes  No
 Do you feel your mother is proud of you and shows or has shown you that she is proud of you?  Yes  No
 If your mother is alive, do you see your mother-daughter relationship moving forward?  Yes  No

Mother-Daughter-Relationships-Quiz - Part B

 Do you feel abandoned by your mother?  Yes  No
 Do you feel in some way abused by your mother?  Yes  No
 Do you feel in some way denied as a person by your mother?  Yes  No
 Do you feel rejected by your mother?  Yes  No
 Do you fear or dislike your mother’s opinion of you in some way?  Yes  No
 Do you fear your mother in some way?  Yes  No
 Do you dislike some strong intense emotions of your mother, if any (for example anger, jealousy, sadness, hurt)?  Yes  No
 Do you feel your mother’s behavior or needs are unpredictable?  Yes  No
 When you were growing up, has your mother been criticizing you a lot?  Yes  No
 Do you feel your mother does not allow you sufficiently to be who you are?  Yes  No

Mother-Daughter-Relationships-Quiz -
Scoring and Results


For the Part A questions, each time you answered “YES” give yourself 1 point. Each time you answered “NO” is zero points.
Add up all Part A scores.

For the Part B questions, each time you answered “YES” is zero points.
Each time you answered “NO” give yourself 1 point.
Add up all Part B scores.

Final Score

The final score is the total number of points for both parts Part A and Part B of the Relationship Quiz.

Add both the Part A and the Part B scores together to get your final score.

Find the explanation for your final score in the next paragraph below.

You will know where you stand quickly!


Your final score is 0 to 5 points:
A mother-daughter-relationship problem - Essentials are lacking

This final score is a poor result, indicating that your mother-daughter relationship at this moment is poor in trust, respect or affection.
You experience quite a lot of criticism from your mother or denial of who you really are.
Maybe you feel rejected by your mother or not totally accepted.

This result may just confirm what you already somehow know deep inside: relationship problems are going on between you and your mother!

Or this result may come as a complete surprise to you . . .
Either way, this result indicates that some essential work is needed to get this relationship moving forward positively.
If your mother has passed away, essential work will still have a very strong and positive impact on you.

For now, appreciate your courage to face the true state this relationship is in.

• Mother-Daughter Relationship Problems Tip:
If you decide you want to improve your mother-daughter-relationship, give yourself permission to ask for professional help.

Appreciate your courage to look at this relationship.
Think this over:
Can you allow some hope that this relationship can improve even if your mother has passed away?

Your final score is 6 to 10 points:
A lot happened, but some good feeling is still there….

Your relationship with your mother is not in a good shape at this moment. The basics of the relationship, trust, affection, respect, communication are lacking.
A lot of things may have happened between you and your mother, but some positive or warm feeling may still be present.

You may want to hang on to these feelings.
From there you can start taking steps to improve your relationship with your mother.

• Mother-Daughter Relationship Problems Tip:
You decide if you want to improve this relationship and work on it!
You can ask for help to get to a more trusting, respecting and affectionate state of your relationship with your mother.

Think this over:
Do you believe you can work things out to take your relationship with your mother to a higher level?

Your final score is 11 to 15 points:
Good, let’s bring your relationship with your mother to an even higher level!

You have made a good score in this Mother-Daughter-Relationships-Quiz!
There are some points in your mother-daughter-relationship that could be better, but a good and strong basis is present in your relationship.

Certain areas can be improved to make your mother-daughter relationship really fly!

• Mother-Daughter Relationship Problems Tip:

Let’s bring your mother-daughter relationship to a higher level;

your experience of your relationship with your mother will heighten!
It may also impact your relationship with your own daughter(s)!

Think this over:
What can you do to bring this relationship to a higher level?

Your final score is 16 to 20 points:
This score indicates one of the most wonderful mother-daughter relationships!

You have a high or a maximum score in this Mother-Daughter-Relationships-Quiz!

There is enough affection, love, respect, communication and no hard feelings. You feel you have a strong bond which gives you exactly what you emotionally need.

If you have daughter(s) of your own, this relationship will most likely be good as well.

Your mother-daughter-relationship can take on a lot of challenges!

• Mother-Daughter Relationship Problems Tip:

Appreciate and celebrate having this wonderful relationship with your mother! For you most of the year it is Mothers Day!
It is truly magnificent to have a relationship where both you and your mother can be who you really are and have a strong and loving bond.

Express it!
Celebrate it!
Inspire others!!

One woman who did the Mother-Daughter-Relationships-Quiz says:

My score ended up being 8 points.
I was surprised to have a low score like that, because I have done a lot of work and therapy to get over my mom and all the issues.
So that was pretty rough to find out that there is more stuff.

I checked the questions again to make sure I was doing the quiz the right way.

After reading the explanation for my final score, I think this score fits the state of my relationship with my mom pretty well, to be honest!
Guess my mother-daughter-relationship needs some more work . . .

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