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The mother-daughter-wall . . .
In mother-daughter-relationships-problems, mothers share what's on their mind and here's what mothers are saying about their daughter(s):

My daughter does not respect me.
I must say that I really feel hurt by this.
How can I let her know how I feel? Will she understand?
I want to feel close to her.

I don’t understand my daughter!
One day she wants this, the next day she doesn’t.
I thought I knew her well.

Am I the problem in the relationship with my daughter?

I fear I am loosing her.

My daughter does not want me to call her at college, but I need to know what is going on, when she is going to be back home and if everything is all right.

My daughter pushed me away after her marriage.
This really breaks my heart.

My daughters are being dishonest to me.
They don’t tell me what’s really going on and on some occasions they are down right lying to me.
I can’t stand it, I need to know that I can trust them.

I just wanted to help my daughter who has with problems finding a decent job, but she pushed me away.
What is wrong with good intentions these days?!

My daughter does not call me anymore.
Maybe I said something I shouldn’t have said…
How come she is so sensitive these days?

My daughter being is totally unreasonable.

Help, my daughter is shutting me out of her life

My daughter is very demanding, unreasonable and rude. What did I do to deserve this?

The mother-daughter-wall . . .
In mother-daughter-relationships, daughters also share what's on their mind and here's what daughters are saying about their mother:

I have marriage-problems that come from a bad mother-daughter-relationship.
I can see the same patterns my mother also had with Dad.
What to do?

I am betrayed by my mother. Big time!

I dislike my mother, and God forbid I don’t want to become like her!

Do I as a daughter have to hate my mother to be able leave?
How can I let go?

I have a mother-daughter love/hate relationship and I don’t like it!
I want her to leave me alone if she can’t be like a friend.

My mother-daughter-wall writing: My mom abandoned me. She never loved me.

My mother calls me with her problems all the time.
It’s is sickening and I don’t want to get that stuff dumped anymore.

My mother abused me.
It took me a long time to see this.

Would like to share this on the mother-daughter-wall
I have mother-daughter money problems with my Mom.
She likes to give me money because she feels guilty about things
But she wants me to be dependent on her.
She wants me to tell her everything and get her approval just because of the money
I hate it!

Sorry mom, but now you have passed away, I feel liberated.
You never gave me space to be who I really am.

My mother is very demanding to me.
I can't win.
If things go perfect, she is quiet about it.
If things go wrong, she plays the drama queen and attacks me.
What if I leave her?

A lot of things bug me about my mom

I have an intense mother.
Her rages just overwhelm me.
I want to get away from her, but I can’t.

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Tess, daughter of mother Beth:
I felt so betrayed by my mother!

My Mom bought a lot of wooden furniture and souvenirs in Asia.
She loves furniture made of solid tropical wood and I also like it.
Our whole house has been furnished with solid wooden cabinets, coffee tables, dinner table and chairs, crafted statues and other arts and crafts.
We also had a mirror with a big and beautiful crafted frame.

When I was 12 my Mom wanted to expand on her hobby and trade in furniture.
She bought and shipped a lot of furniture in Asia and started selling this furniture.

When I was 13, she promised me a nice wooden desk made out of beautiful dark wood for my 14th birthday.
She got me a really nice desk and a comfy chair to go with the desk. I was overjoyed and so happy with this gifts.
The desk and chair were beautiful!

At a certain point my Mom decided that she would sell everything that was I our house.
I was sure this didn’t mean she was going to sell personal belongings as well.
Imaging my surprise and shock when she sold off my beautiful desk!

I remember calling her bad names and really hating her for doing this to me.
I felt so betrayed by my mother!

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