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These specific mother-daughter relationship problems tips help you solve and  improve this special relationship and get a fresh view. Get insights and experience a more satisfying and loving mother and daughter relationship!

Mother daughter relationships are very important relationships as part of primal relationships.
All general information on Parent-Children applies also to Mother and Daughter relationships.

Find out what daughters share about their relationship with their mother:

Kim, daughter of mother Elenore:
I felt so betrayed by my mother!

One day I learnt that my mother had confided to one of her close friends that she felt terrorized by her daughter. My mother was referring to me!

I was shocked. How could she experience our relationship like that?

She was the dominating party in this relationship causing all problems! How bossy she could be! And sometimes down right manipulative to get her way!

But how could she share something intimate like that to her friend?! Why not talk to me about this? I felt so betrayed and hurt by my mother!

All my life I was only doing my best to please her as much as I can. I shaped my life such that she would be happy with me, be proud of me and finally give me the love I deserve.

I felt that my mother did not even see all my efforts to please her and all the sacrifices I made. I felt that she was denying my love for her. In my worse moments I felt that I meant nothing to her.

It took me years to find out who my mom actually was as a real person.

I assumed and expected a lot of behaviors of her being in the role of “my mother”. This excluded her being a real person with real feelings and moods and emotions. My mother as a real person apparently had relationship problems with her husband. She was also not ready to let go of her own mother since they had a lot of unfinished business. She also had some relationship problems with her daughter (me!).

My mom felt hurt pretty often I guess, but was a master in hiding these hurts and pains. I also learnt that her hurts and pains have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with me.

Now I only deal with my own hurt, with experiencing being betrayed and denied. I don’t want to end up like her and do my best to open up to my true feelings, good or bad. Because I want to be happy, really happy!

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• Mother Daughter Relationship Problems Tip:
Your mother may be strongly performing her mother role.
But in truth, she is a person with ideas, feelings, emotions, life experiences just like you.
Do you want to get to know her as a person or do you want her to be constricted in her role as your mother?
Treat her as a real person, get to know her as a real person and become real friends with her.

Get to know your mother as a real person.
Who is she? What are her views on life? What are her dreams, fears, wishes expectations?
Is she happy with her life?

• Mother Daughter Relationship Problems Tip:
Ask yourself: What do my mother’s issues have to do with ME???

Mei, daughter of mother Hong Wang
I need to call her every day!

I call my mother every day. To know that she is all right. Sometimes I want to hear her opinion. Sometimes I want her to validate me. I could call a good friend but sometimes I really need to be validated by her!

To hear her say to me that I am doing the right thing. Dating the right guy, interviewing for a worthwhile job, buying the right dress.

Or to emphasize my opinion of Dad. Dad is the topic where I can have a different opinion. This started during puberty. I started disagreeing with Mom because I started having my own view of Dad and what Dad was doing.

Sometimes our discussions about Dad are really over the top, but most of the time I enjoy talking to Mom about Dad and how I disagree with Mom! We also talk about relationship problems of other people.

That is why I call her everyday. Sometimes she does not answer her phone. She usually doesn’t call me back. Actually, she hardly calls me at all. I always call her!

Kay, daughter of Ann:
I love that woman dearly!

My mother passed away a couple of year ago. I love her very much. She was a very down to earth and simple woman and a good mother. I think she was happy with her life. When I think of her I feel the warm feelings we shared and the enjoyable moments. Simple yet nice dinners we had together. Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays.

In her simple words we had conversations about men in my life, family, money and relationship problems. My mother is quite traditional and conservative. Not highly educated at all. What stays with me was her uncanny understanding of me.
She fed me emotionally.
I feel nurtured by her and am very grateful for having had her as my mother.

Are you also experiencing the loss-of-mother ? Read more on this . . .

• Mother Daughter Relationship Problems Tip:
Is your mother-daughter relationship the best?
Celebrate this mother-daughter relationship as much and as often as you can!

Rose, daughter of Kathleen:
I felt abandoned and pushed away by my mom

I was eight years old when my brother Steven died. My mom could not handle this loss and wanted to run away from it all, she wanted to leave our family. She push my father away and she pushed me away. This went on for a whole year. I was devastated, having lost my brother while not being able to find comfort with my mom. Also I was not able to comfort her.
I felt that both my brother and my mom have abandoned me big time!

This happened almost 40 years ago and I was sure I was done with it. Had therapy. Became a therapist myself.
Handled my anger, feelings of abandonment, loneliness and did my grieving.

I wanted to forgive mom and leave the past behind.
But sometimes some intense feelings still pop up. It’s part of my life.

• Mother-Daughter Relationship Problems Tip:
Observe, observe, observe.
Do not judge for now.
Do not have strong opinions.
Do not interpret anything.

Just be open minded and look at what is happening.
How you behave, react, how you feel.

Just observe it all.

What is so special about a
Mother-Daughter Relationship?

A Mother-Daughter Relationship is a very emotional relationship . . .

Emotionally speaking, the Mother Daughter Relationship is like a dancing together: we get close, warm and intimate and the next thing is that we feel cold, repulsive and can’t stand being together in the same room!
This attracting and pushing back can all happen in the same minute…

Mothers and daughters are also able to feel each other feelings without saying a word.
Great connection and both are very sensitive towards each other.

Mothers and daughters share a bond that is very strong. This bond is based on powerful emotions that both women can not suppress: love and hate.

A Mother-Daughter Relationship is complex, mysterious, and rich.

What about mother-daughter relationship problems?

Sometimes mothers and daughters have conflicting needs.
Sometimes they have the same emotional needs but both are not able to satisfy these emotional needs.
Not in themselves and not in the other. To love and be loved can be hard, at times!
Sometimes mother and daughters are competing with each other for love and attention.
Sometimes one is not available to the other.
Sometimes it is hard to be yourself in each others company.

Just how serious are your mother daughter relationship problems?

Find out with this Mother-Daughter-Relationships-Quiz quickly!

Relationship Problems Tips will help you address your mother daughter issues.
Mother daughter relationship problems may look very serious, but there is always a way to grow to another level of affection and love and create a stronger bond.

Here are some stories of mothers about their daughters:

Caroline, mother of daughter Lisa:
How can I protect her?

Looking at Lisa, my daughter I see a vulnerable innocent little girl.
That is the image I have of her when she was a baby that is the feeling that has stayed with.
Lisa is now a young adult going to college and enjoying her life fully. But I am always a little scared that something bad might happen to my little girl. That she might not be able to get through her life without hurts and damages. I want to protect her whenever I can but she does not understand my concern and worries.

Maria, mother of daughter Helen:
I feel she shuts me out of her life

Helen, my daughter does not want my opinion. For example the other day she bought this an outrageous dress that does not do anything for her and then she wanted me to tell her how wonderful she looks. I told her “Helen, it looks awful!” and that she should get something else to wear. An outfit with more style. She asked for my advice, right!

Helen got mad at me and went into a drama telling me that I don’t love her, that I am jealous and belonging to the Stone Age. She gets hysterical like that sometimes. Its fine with me, but I am not going to say that I like that stupid dress….

Diana, mother of daughter Karen:
Karen gets the opportunity that I missed!

During Karen’s graduation ceremony, I got emotional. She walked up to the dean to receive her diploma and I started crying. I see part of myself in Karen. She is everything I wanted to be and she achieves everything I could not even dream of. She is my pride and joy, my heroine!

Other daughters also share their mother-daughter-relationships stories:

Cynthia, daughter of Joyce:
She let the abuse happen!

Bernice, daughter of Helga:
I think she did not want me

Floortje, daughter of Andrea:
She is as cold, manipulative and sometimes totally dishonest

Kyra, daughter of Alexandra:
I am afraid of her when she gets out of control!

Sharon and Lauren, daughters of Melanie:
Our Mom worked really hard!


I remember we named you Joyce
So we could call you Joy.
You came like an awkward guest
That first time, all wrapped and moist
And strange at my heavy breast.
I needed you, I didn’t want a boy,
Only a girl, a small milky mouse
of a girl, already loud in the house
of herself. We named you Joy.

I, who was never quite sure
About being a girl, needed another
life, another image to remind me.

And this was my worst guilt; you could not cure
nor soothe it. I made you to find me.

Anne Sexton in: "The Complete Poems".

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