My Mother is Overbearing

by Sara
(New Jersey, US)

I'm 25, married and working and my mother still expects to see me at least 3 times a week, if not more.

Everytime i mention doing anything with my in-laws she gets in a huff and makes snide comments.

If she asks me to do something or be somewhere and i already have plans or i don't want to, its a full on FIGHT!
She accuses me of how i don't support her or help, even though i go above and beyond to do just that.

How can i make her understand that i have other responsiblities that take time and that she is not the only person in my life????

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Mar 20, 2011
Ask Her What is Going On!
by: V.A.

Dear Sara:

First of all, don't take it personally. You mother may feel insecure and / or unloved.

She may want to have regular proof of your attention, care and love.

This doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate you and your efforts to please her and help her out.

But do ask her what it is she perceives as lacking in her life, to know for sure.

-Is it lack of security?
-Is it the coldness of not feeling loved?
Or is she afraid of loosing you?

These are a couple of suggestions and it would be good to ask your mother how she feels about these things.
Do pick a good timing to ask her these kinds of questions.

Then you may want to ask her how you can be of better help and what would really help her in your relationship with her.

This way you can be sure your efforts will be on target and you both are more and more able to feel love.

All the best to you and your mother!

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